Civil Sector & (I)NGOs: Communication

Effective Communication

This training reveals the importance of aligning verbal and written, internal and external interactions with the strategic intent of the civil society organization.

Adapted to the fields of the participants, we focus on the intercommunication within and between teams, on the exchanges with beneficiaries and other stakeholders, and on messaging across varied audiences. Likewise, we concentrate on fine-tuning specific interactions such as interviewing candidates for jobs, appraising staff, meeting with social groups or engaging in critical conversations.

The trainer coaches NGO professionals in their unique situations to communicate one-on-one or publicly in a convincing and successful manner:

  • Communication models and their practical use
  • Making your point
  • Reframing difficulties, problems and conflicts
  • Arguing constructively
  • Aligning communications with objectives and end-goal
  • Developing and sharing emotional intelligence
  • Developing and sharing intellectual clarity
  • Motivating others to a successful outcome of the shared communication
  • Social communications in groups
  • Language skills.