Civil Sector & (I)NGOs: Communication

Public Speaking

We may be called to “say a few words” on an occasion or to speak at an event. We may also be asked to give a lecture on a topic and use persuasion to provoke a certain reaction with the audience. In the context of civil society, we have to explain what our organization does, whom it serves and how, and what the beneficiaries may expect. Mostly, speakers inform, praise, remind of risks and seek to gain support and loyalty. They justify their actions and aim to create a community of believers – be it in a philosophy, an action or a development project.

Public speaking is an art. In this seminar, you will exercise the traits and tricks of effective speeches that will rally your audience to your cause:

  • Types of speeches
  • Purpose of the speech
  • Audience analysis
  • Broad outline – drawing the storyline in context
  • Timeframe, equipment
  • Structure and building blocks
  • Writing the speech: tone and style
  • Information vs. persuasion
  • Repetitions and metaphors
  • The speaker: voice, tone, presence, use of silence
  • Dialogue with the audience: questions & answers
  • Stage work: from speaker to régisseur.