Civil Sector & (I)NGOs: Diversity

Social Equality

The dual notions of development and empowerment relate to all generations, sexes, cultures, social groups and belief systems. We cannot develop one part without touching all of them. Nothing would be more superficial than to believe that one portion of the world is more concerned with equality than another.

The seminar focuses on:

  • Causes and manifestations of unequal power between people(s)
  • Historic evolution of the equality movement
  • Process and consequences of psycho-social change
  • Policies for equality: conventions, legislation and institutional regulation
  • Generational contracts

Particulars to Gender Equality:

  • Improving gender balance in societies and their institutions
  • Initiating change for women to reach leadership posts
  • Understanding male and female psychology
  • Developing excellent relations between women and men
  • Working with cultural differences in gender approaches.