Civil Sector & (I)NGOs: International Projects

Leading Remote Teams

INGO managers facilitate teams composed of individuals who live in different countries and communicate via conference calls or web-conferencing. Such teams must act as one, be strongly united, and fulfil the needs of their beneficiaries.

Since each culture perceives and reacts to daily work and NGO events differently, the management of international teams requires heightened awareness for the different ways individuals handle problems, make decisions, ask for support, expect feedback, and respond to pressure. This seminar helps participants establish guidelines to manage cultural differences and streamline work behaviors in order to ensure conflict-free communication at the heart of international teams, in view of the distance between them.


  • Characteristics of remote teams
  • Creating teamship despite remoteness
  • Remote team rules
  • Critical communication
  • Shared KPIs, processes and language
  • Personal communication with each individual team member
  • Leveraging diversity across the globe
  • Chairing successful meetings online
  • Dealing with problems/conflicts on line.