Civil Sector & (I)NGOs: The Learning Organization

Coaching, Mentoring and Educational Counseling

Coaching and mentoring are specific methods of "tutoring" or "accompanying" the development of people and their competences. Often in environments with few resources, persons holding posts of responsibility may not have a background conducive to fast and positive change. They will benefit from coaching in order to deal with such difficulties.

The coach/mentor assists the coachee in his/her process of personal development in order to face challenges of large magnitude and complexity. The coach also shares knowledge gathered from his/her own previous experience. The methodology includes objective-setting, roadmap-tracing, inquiring, feedback-giving and probing techniques. The seminar teaches the basics of coaching and individual tutoring so that NGO staff may become coaches for others who hold important but difficult posts.

The seminar addresses these skill-sets:

  • Becoming a coach or a mentor
  • Bringing together ability, intelligence, motivation and effort
  • Releasing potential for personal and organizational expansion
  • Competence transfer
  • Difficulties, resistance, projections and other traps on the way
  • Measuring development
  • Creating a Coaching Program at organizational level.