Civil Sector & (I)NGOs: The Learning Organization

The Learning Organization

"The learning organization is an organization which facilitates the learning of all its members and continuously transforms itself".

- (Pedlar and associates).

The organization must state that it is keen to learn from challenges, paradoxes and conflicts. This statement translates into action, from strategic decisions through to day-to-day behavior in the field. The NGO thus demonstrates clear communication, supportive attitudes, transfer and expansion of skills, and celebrations of success. This seminar helps create a learning mindset through policies, communication systems and talent development.

We discuss:

  • Models and methods of the Learning Organization
  • Individual and collective learning strategies
  • NGO learning strategies
  • Understanding and leveraging motivation
  • Institutionalizing learning through the development programs
  • Processing and measuring learning
  • Removing structural and cultural hindrances to free learning
  • Empowering learners.