Civil Sector & (I)NGOs: Management & Leadership

International Human Resource Management (IHRM)

This seminar is a series of case studies and discussions on how to set up effective, solid yet flexible HR systems for international NGOs, also in their international expansion.

Where you are now:

Your NGO is present in different countries, responsible for staff on various sites. Their programs and projects may be the same or different depending on their unique, local environments.

What you need:

You wish to create or improve a comprehensive HR system with both global policies and local adaptations.

Together, we design and install sub-systems:

  • IHRM: fundamental structures for strategic and stable expansion
  • Differentiating between universal/global systems and local/country systems: country variances
  • Components: recruitment (e.g. interviewing); induction (e.g. training); expatriation (e.g. preparing for missions); reporting (e.g. HR monthly reports); local teams (e.g. capacity-building)
  • Performance management: evaluation and appraisals, promotion and rewards
  • Organizational development: Knowledge Management; Continuous Improvement; Training and Development;
  • Interfaces between global, local and systemic approaches.