Civil Sector & (I)NGOs: Management & Leadership

Retreats – Time to reflect

NGOs are very busy organizations involved in programs, projects and immediate responses to crises. Seldom is there a chance to stop, withdraw and reflect. Yet these rare opportunities are important moments to realign the busyness with the ultimate purpose of the organization.

In retreats, groups may choose to spend time looking at the past (lessons learned) and look ahead (strategic planning). Having taken time off from daily tasks, they do so in a peaceful atmosphere.

Retreats also aim to “resource”, reconnect with a larger paradigm and evaluate efforts from a wider evolutionary perspective. This program is not a training seminar as such but an opportunity for small groups to go to a secluded place in peaceful and natural surroundings in order to “retreat” and reflect.

A consultant can facilitate daily discussions on topics selected by the NGO-client.