Civil Sector & (I)NGOs

Social Partnerships

Partnerships are fundamental to sustainable development. These take place between NGOs, corporations, government and diverse social groups. In the form of policies, programs or projects, these partnerships focus on environmental or social needs in order to optimize well-being and development.

At the heart of the of sustainability approach, NGO experience, legislation and financial resources may join in building better systems that care for the planet and humanity.

This seminar is about enhancing the cooperation between the civil sector, corporations and national/local government. It contains case studies of successful partnerships and analyses the process of starting and maintaining such successful partnerships.

The training covers:

  • History of the ecology and sustainability movement
  • Systemic evolution, holistic thinking and social change
  • Treaties, conventions and the multiplication of actors
  • Politics of development through empowerment
  • Social responsibility standards applicable in partnerships
  • Types of CSR partnerships with other actors
  • Promotion of common goals in joined campaigns
  • Common drivers and criteria in NGO and corporate activities
  • Partnership along the supply chain
  • NGOs helping business communities respond to market failures
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Peace politics: restructuring societies through the fulfilment of basic needs and towards the care economy.