Civil Sector / NGOs

The not-for-profit sector is a powerful socio-economic and political actor and a change agent. We assist civil society organizations (CSOs) such as international non-governmental organizations (INGOs), national and local NGOs, faith-based organizations (FBOs) and community-based organizations (CBOs) perform their essential role in societies. We consult on strategic planning, accompany operations, monitor results and evaluate impacts in multiple countries.

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The long-term success of NGOs depends on the capacity of their people. Our expertise lies in Staff Development following evidence-based analyses of organizational and individual effectiveness. Together, we aim to aid, protect, support and develop in order to improve the livelihood of beneficiaries in the most pertinent way possible. Examples of areas for training and capacity-building are:

Programs are customized to provide capacity-building, upskilling and empowering skills to workers and stakeholders on project sites and offices worldwide. Best-practices in sustainability, social responsibility, good governance, livelihood and redistributive justice are embedded in our skills-based endeavors.

When working with NGOs, we provide links and networks to governments, corporations and universities across continents in order to support their efforts. For multi-stakeholder consortia funded to attain specific objectives in a certain timespan, we accompany the group’s efforts through:

  • Training and workshops
  • Conferences and dialogues
  • Coaching of individuals and teams
  • Capacity-Building for developing localities
  • Facilitation, mediation and multi-track diplomacy
  • Risk assessment with the “Do-no-harm” approach
  • Post-conflict and post-disaster psycho-social support
  • Fact-finding, benchmarking, research.

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