CORPORATE: Communication

Etiquette & Small Talk

Social events are a chance to meet people in a more personal manner. Out of the meeting room, delegates can engage in new and interesting topics of conversation, getting to know their partners better. However, there are some codes of conduct that must be observed. Expanding relations into trust should not overstretch into inappropriate chumminess. Furthermore, cultural sensitivities may be most latent away from the negotiation table.

This seminar gives the rules of international etiquette yet including cultural idiosyncrasies. It helps delegates develop important communications skills such as small talk or leading conversations over dinner.

  • Putting the other person(s) first
  • Checking the social temperature and adjusting it
  • Respect and politeness
  • Initiating and leading conversation
  • Diplomatic skills in debates
  • Body language or choice of words
  • Dos and don’ts with different cultures.