CORPORATE: Communication

Presentation Skills

Presentation skills are essential at work. Everyone will be called at some point to present the status of their project, the expected results of their program, or the quarterly figures of their sales. The presentation itself may be short but the impression on the audience will be lasting. So it is worth one’s time to learn the ways of excellent presenters and use these skills variedly at each occasion.

This seminar teaches how to prepare for and deliver presentations that are to the point, informative and persuasive. The method shows how to match the design and contents of the presentation to the audience’s expectations and with appropriate aids. Importantly, we work on the presenter’s stance and his or her relationship with the audience at it happens.

Adapted to the participants’ industries and current needs, the seminar covers:

  • Audience analysis
  • Needs assessment (if required)
  • Presentation design according to purpose
  • Presentation structure and time management
  • Use of aids and tools (visuals, films, props)
  • Prioritization of messages
  • Chronology of points
  • Physical and psychological stance, appearance
  • Rhetorical skills
  • Delight or surprise effects
  • Relationship with audience.