CORPORATE: Communication

Working with the Media

You may go to the media or they may come to you. Because somewhere in your business, something interesting is happening and the world should know about it. The point of interest may raise your image or it may blemish it. So the way you communicate to the media will determine how the situation will be interpreted by others and the impact this will have on them – and ultimately on your business. This is of no small significance.

This training is for company members who will work with the media in various ways, on a continuous basis or ad hoc. It is a refresher or an upskilling program for persons involved with Public Relations. It may be customized to fit a small group of trainees about to engage in a campaign or a tour. It also addresses extreme situations where spokespersons are called to make statements on proximate developments and immediate consequences of critical happenings.


  • The Media: who they are and what they need
  • Approaching the media and building relations
  • Communications plan that include the media
  • Interview skills on TV or radio live – what to expect
  • Thinking on your feet and staying on the message
  • Public Relations: a company-wide capability
  • Crisis communications for a global audience
  • Building a campaign through media strategies
  • Best use of social media.