CORPORATE: Diversity

Gender Equality: Women & Men working well together

At the heart of the diversity discourse lies the gender issue. Apart from a few local cultures preserved through their geographical remoteness, trends in labor division in the last three centuries have given men and women different core functions and tasks. Beyond the advent of modern times, ancient cultures in the East and the South of the planet already long ago had divided the ranks, the rights and the allowances according to gender and social classes. So gender has been a human, social, civilizational and perennial question. It is a fundamental dimension of social health in general and of positive advancement of human communities in particular – such as companies. Men and women working well together is part of a company’s capability. It is an intangible asset. It is possible throughout the firm, and learnable via organizational training.

Gender is as robust an issue as it is delicate, as evident as subversively undermined. Too often, it is ignored. This seminar is for the HR professionals and other corporate officers who are keen to elevate gender equality and mutual gender fairness throughout the organization. It aims to help design strategies of greater cooperation and how such mutuality translates into policies, managerial instruments, pay packages and benefits, career development and general behaviors at work.

Training contents cover:

  • Genders: definitions and categories
  • Focus on Women and Men in companies
  • Differences, divisions and discrimination
  • Historical evolution of equality at the workplace
  • Facts of non-equality today
  • Transcending biases, stereotypes and entrenched habits
  • Organizational instruments & best-practices
  • Authentic respect and cooperation
  • Structural, cultural and personal equity.