CORPORATE: International Projects

Working with LDCs and in Post-Conflict Regions

Developed, emerging and least developed countries (LDCs) make up one world. All levels are interdependent and need one another in a multitude of ways. The international community is called upon to create ethical engagement and rules that ensure beneficial systems of mutuality. Global and local players know that. The question is how: how, as enterprises of the industrialized hemisphere, can we do business in a way that addresses the needs of LDCs to join liberalized processes and transcend poverty, exclusion and conflict? The private sector, in partnership with public enterprises, has a crucial role to play in virtuous development. Often, the path to collaboration starts with projects.

This workshop is a specialized, in-depth and customized seminar for business developers seeking synergies with potential partners in poor economies and fragile social environments. It addresses the causes and effects of poverty and conflict in regions where global players seek to expand their processes. Case studies and discussions focus on regions that are developing and have a strong potential to become project partners. Assessed risks are pegged against opportunities of collaborative business models, especially in the form of projects.

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