CORPORATE: Learning Organization

Training the Will (R. Assagioli)

Where there is a Will there is a way. This seminar explores the aspects, phases and process of volition and the methodical inner workings of getting things done and reaching goals. Just as with any cognitive ability or thinking style (critical, creative, intuitive, rational, artistic, mathematical, etc.), the Will can be consciously developed.

Exercises and simulations strengthen the psychological muscles of volition. They prepare participants to face challenges, select learning curves, practise discipline, become positive and inwardly strong, and engage others in a collective act of will. There is nothing more powerful in a firm than employees who truly want it to win.

Topics covered include:

  • Basics of psychology: the central place of the will within the self
  • Acts of will by individual employees and the collective workforce
  • Using the will when facing obstacles and business setbacks
  • The strong will, the clever will and the good will
  • Developing will-power as an organizational competence.