CORPORATE: Learning Organization


Facilitation requires the skills of a topical trainer and those of an expert in group processes. The facilitator plans a program so that the sponsors of the event reach their goals with the targeted audience. In order to gain full participation from the delegates, the facilitator addresses all questions that are important at collective and individual levels. Acting as a point of focus and a guide in the process, the facilitator enables the participants to work towards the best-case scenario in their matter of concern.

The task is to assist a group in exploring situations, debating issues, agreeing to common goals and committing to actions with clear accountability.

This seminar develops skills needed to become a successful facilitator:

  • Teaming up with event sponsor
  • Simplifying complexity: clarifying aims and issues
  • Selection of techniques fitting to the topic and audience
  • Phases of facilitation
  • Process and time management
  • Leveraging group dynamics
  • Guiding discussion
  • Dealing with conflicting ideas or personalities
  • Evaluating your own facilitation skills
  • Creating a toolbox of methods and techniques for a wide range of events.