CORPORATE: Management & Leadership

Change Management & Scenario Planning

Managing involves establishing processes that are adaptable to the changing reality of the environment so that strategic goals are reached. The art of Managing is about reading and interpreting correctly the trends and events outside so that efforts conducted inside can meet the new demands. Change of itself can be sudden, complex, paradoxical, uncomfortable, and difficult to decode. Change can be specific or diffuse, marking the beginning of a movement or its tail-end.

Change can also be scanned, expected, and met ahead of time; at best, change is driven. This seminar takes the participants into the phenomenology of change through examples from various disciplines. It applies the method of scenario planning, which is based on the anticipation of change, its consequences, and how the organization may best proactively respond.


  • Nature of change and its manifestations
  • Phases of change and human reactions to them
  • Linear and systemic views of change
  • Driving change: leading the process
  • Scenario planning: a participative method for adapting to future change
  • Strategic, logical, intuitive and creative thinking in learning from the past, the present and the envisioned future
  • Various change programs and their practical implementation.