CORPORATE: Management & Leadership

Retreats - Retrospective meetings

Managers seldom have a chance to stop, withdraw, and reflect. Stark result-orientation often hinders from calm observing and deep understanding of the evolutionary and environmental changes within and around the enterprise.

Yet once in a while, the racing stops, things can wait, and we take a deep breath. These moments enable us to resource ourselves, reconnect with larger and more philosophical parameters, and gauge our efforts from a wider perspective. These opportunities help to realign organizational actions with the firm’s reason-to-be.

This program is not a training seminar but a chance for a small group of people to go into a secluded place, in peaceful natural surroundings, in order to "retreat" – retrospect about the months past and plan the next steps.

A facilitator leads daily discussions with the managers who share their perceptions as to the state of the business and the fulfilment of its purpose. There is time for team walking, participating in exploratory group sessions, and introspecting alone.