Higher Education

EuroBogen partners with Business Schools and Universities for the delivery of seminars, courses and symposiums. We also work with NGOs involved with informal education, for the benefit of children, youth and adults. We support Ministries of Education in implementing change policies through “Teach the Teachers” programs as well as Foundations providing educational programs to Indigenous People and rural communities.

Are you a Director of Studies of a Master program in need of a topical seminar for your students? Do you chair the school management committees in your town and wish for a series of dialogues between teachers and parents? Are you responsible for the exposure of international students to industrial sectors in your area and require a study tour? Do you wish to conduct a research experiment or survey in your establishment? Do you need a speaker for your conference?

Whatever the nature of your request, we will partner with you to fulfil the education need you are aware of.

“I want to thank you for your challenging as well as inspiring Global Leadership class. I was very much impressed by your discipline and passion for the topic and the convincing approach of teaching it to the next management generation. I hope that I can be a sustainable leader in my future career. Thanks for stressing the relevance of a better business model for our planet. All the best wishes plus the hope that you can reach and convince many more students as well as professionals.”

Student of Master of Global Management

Neoma Business School

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