Die Beratung bezieht sich auf Personal- und Organisationsentwicklung innerhalb großer und mittlerer Unternehmen, welche in Administration, Produktion oder Dienstleistung tätig sind. Vom Konzept zur Evaluation, EuroBogen-Berater begleiten Teams durch systemische Veränderung und systematische Aktualisierung.


Schulungsseminare, Coaching für Manager und Teams, Moderation von Events, Retreats und In-Prozess-Interventionen (Begleitung bei Veränderungsmanagement) sind unter unseren Dienstleistungen.


Monitoring and evaluation methodologies are applied to programs and projects of single clients and consortiums. Quantitative and qualitative data reports, are subsequently synthesized in-line with the OECD criteria for evaluation – particularly as regards the impact of targeted assistance in developing economies.


EuroBogen mediators and experts in conflict resolution conduct training and coaching in post-conflict regions. Interventions include setting-up Ombudsman-services, conducting dialogues and providing upskilling seminars to civil affairs officers, security personnel, development and humanitarian staff, and companies doing business in such contexts.


Research requesting both desk-intelligence and field-reality is conducted for institutional and corporate clients.


Clients' Feedback

  • The seminars from EuroBogen are intensive and insightful. Contents can be put to practice immediately. Excellent trainers with a lot of professional experience guarantee a successful transfer of competences, offered in a most personal and pleasant manner.

  • In the seminar, language and communication skills were interwoven around my specific theme, which is International Logistics and Export. While there was a clear course structure, the process was also very flexible. A very efficient way to learn.

  • I want to thank you for your challenging as well as inspiring Global Leadership class. I was very much impressed by your discipline and passion for the topic and the convincing approach of teaching it to the next management generation.

EuroBogen At Work

EuroBogen training for peace professionals in South Sudan.


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