Governments & IOs: Intercultural and Diversity Management

Cross-Cultural Training

This seminar gathers people from two (or more) countries who are working with one another. The trainer facilitates mutual understanding so that work is not hampered by cultural divergence. An appreciation of similarities and differences, strengths and sensitivities, behaviors and reactions helps in recognizing what is at play if misunderstandings occur. Participants build a cultural bridge between one another. Bi-cultural or cross-cultural training is comparative on the one hand and seeking common ground on the other, e.g. France and Germany, China and India, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Topics include:

  • Similarities and differences
  • Potential areas of conflict
  • Psychological transfers and projections
  • Common and divergent historical heritage
  • Territorial identities, subcultures and social groups
  • Folk soul, values and belief systems
  • Social behaviors
  • Building communication bridges
  • Working together
  • Negotiating, cooperating, creating trust.