Governments & IOs: Intercultural and Diversity Management

Insight into Specific Regions of the World

Working with and in Asia:

Asia is the largest continent, presenting a wide variety of cultures, languages and economic landscapes. The seminar focuses on major players such as Japan, India and China, and encompasses differential surveys of Indonesia, Thailand, Korea and other dynamic or emerging countries.

Programs on Asia are also run in various sites in Asia (Japan, China, India).

Working with and in Europe:

Europe is a One-Market enterprise, a mix of different governmental systems, a kaleidoscope of historical heritage, a blend of many races and societal systems. It is the outcome of centuries of wars and six decades of (relative) peace, the environment of many politico-economic ideologies, and a challenge of unity in diversity. Our study covers the Nordic, Latin, Anglo-Saxon and Germanic Countries, Central, Southern and Eastern Europe.

Programs on Europe are also run in various sites in Europe (Germany, France, Great Britain, Finland).

Working with and in the Americas:

This modular program of seven days can be divided into chunks according to the clients’ main points of interest. Three days are dedicated to the USA and Canada, one day to the countries of Central America and the Caribbean states, and three days to the South-American continent.

Programs are also run in various sites in the Americas (Seattle, Montreal, Mexico City, Bogota).

Working with and in the Middle East:

The Middle-East is a region of incredible richness and diversity where today’s intercultural dialogue is growing rapidly. It is filled with young populations seeking connections to the other continents yet not wanting to lose their identity. The Arab countries, Turkey, Israel and Iran – bordering on Africa, Central Asia and Europe – are central to our study that aims to develop cultural acumen.

Programs on the Middle East are also run in Dubai and Dhaka.