Governments & IOs: Managing International Projects

Stakeholder Management

Stakeholders are the groups of people who are directly involved with the project or are affected by its impact and consequences. They may include the project teams, the payers, the social groups the public enterprise aims to serve or the parties sub-contracted for various resources. Legislators, the private sector, civil society, educators and the media can be considered internal or external stakeholders depending on the scope of the project and the perspective of the analysis. Stakeholder management is about defining the nature of such relationships and using them well for the success of the project.

We study and apply methods in connection with your institutional sector:

  • Mapping the full landscape of stakeholders
  • Analysing and defining the nature of the relationships
  • Choosing systems of communication and degrees of engagement
  • Dealing with conflicts of interests
  • Managing the contractual and informal aspects
  • Delegating stakeholder relations to core team members
  • Securing buy-in of top leaders of stakeholder groups
  • Reporting policies
  • Working with the media.