Governments & IOs: The Learning Organization

Coaching, Mentoring, and Educational Counseling

Coaching is supporting individuals in the process of harnessing their personal power. Mentoring is preparing junior managers to acquire the mental framework and competences required for senior management. Coaching and mentoring are specific methods of "tutoring" or "accompanying" talent. The coach assists in the process of personal development, while discreetly remaining in the background, and respecting the coachee’s inner-directional force. Objective-setting, "enquiring", roadmap-tracing, feedback-giving and probing techniques belong to the methodology. The seminar teaches the basics of coaching and individual tutoring at management level.

Seminar content:

  • Becoming a coach or a mentor
  • Bringing together ability, intelligence, motivation and effort
  • Releasing potential towards personal and organizational growth
  • Competence transfer
  • Difficulties, resistance, projections and other traps on the way
  • Measuring development
  • Creating an internal poaching program.