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Being Successful - Personality Training

We should be powerful yet not bossy, have a strong personality yet little ego, be open and transparent yet not carried by emotions. This is no small feat. Whether one is born with more talent at "being" than others is debatable. Such desirable attributes, in any case, can be trained. Improving one’s success rate as a person is learnable. There are practical techniques that touch upon our self-concept, our belief system, our attitudes and behaviors and free them from self-imposed psychological constraints. This seminar aims to liberate the unique personal power, freedom and maturity at the centre of each personality. Participants also learn how to pass these skills on to others in their worklife.

This seminar focuses on:

  • The psychology of winning
  • Case studies of successful people
  • The price of success
  • Learning from failures, mistakes and setbacks
  • Holistic success (public and private)
  • Importance of values and behaviors
  • Understanding of one's personality, biography and the (re)writing of one’s lifescript
  • Selfishness vs altruism
  • Charisma and stamina towards the fulfillment of goals.