Governments & IOs: Management & Leadership

Essentials of Leadership

More than stepping into a functional post, to step into leadership is to become personally responsible and publicly accountable for the purpose, the values and the actions of governance. Whereas management requires techniques that involve planning and implementing, leadership asks for qualities found in being.

When departments and agencies are driven by leaders who can manage and organized by managers who can lead, their handling of internal resources and their achievements become remarkable. Leadership combines qualities of endurance, discipline and command of situations, as well as communication of a vision that enthuse others to join in the continuous optimization of policies and operations.

With a multi-faceted approach, we examine and develop the fit between our own leadership style and today’s historical circumstances:

  • Learning from history and exemplary lives
  • Leading processes and people
  • Personal, political, and ethical matters
  • Leadership styles & dimensions across cultures
  • Leading change and the competences required
  • Intellectual, emotional and rhetorical skills.