Governments & IOs


All institutions face conflicts, but there are some institutions that handle them better than others. Conflicts come in various guises. They usually occur when two or more endeavors are seen to be contradictory or incompatible: there seems to be winners and losers; tension grows when a decision must be taken quickly and by some people only.

A mediator is a person who understands the inner workings of conflicts in general, and the perceptions and interests of the conflicting partners in particular situations. The mediator displays third-party perception, applies effective techniques, communication and psychological tools – so that the conflicting parties come to be able to find their own solutions.

This seminar covers:

  • Anatomy of conflicts
  • Filtered perception of reality
  • Escalation and de-escalation curve
  • Task vs. people conflicts
  • Chains of cause and effect
  • Roles of the mediator
  • Phases of conflicts
  • Road maps to solutions
  • Blueprint for negotiations
  • Agreements and protocol
  • Setting up an Ombud-Service.