Evaluations are conducted at various stages of projects. It is advisable to start with an ante-evaluation as part of the strategic planning in order to define at the onset the criteria and KPIs for the entire period until completion. Monitoring takes place during the project whereby the selected criteria can be measured at determined intervals, hence checking positive evolution or responding to hurdles. Mid-term reviews give an in-between statement of how things are going and the likelihood of finishing as planned. Upon project completion, the final evaluation may take place before or after the Lessons Learned meeting. A comprehensive, impact, post-evaluation will take all stakeholders in consideration, possibly using surveys to gauge people’s responses to the project.

EuroBogen evaluators can be your external service-providers, presenting you with the design, implementation and final report of the project evaluation. Likewise, they can support your internal evaluation service by coaching your internal staff responsible for mentoring and evaluating. We also teach evaluation methodology in a comprehensive, modular training.