Besides conflict regulation methodologies for environments suffering from violent enmity – such as in-conflict and post-conflict situations - mediation is an effective approach for solving any discord or social problem in any country or sector of life. Be it neighbourhood disputes or enterprise-wide conflicts, processes of escalation and de-escalation are often similar.

A conflict has a larger impact than just on the persons concerned. It deserves genuine attention and skilled handling. If dealt professionally and with respect for all parties, it will provide opportunities for learning and positive transformation.

Mediation is an alternative to legal procedures whereby the conflict parties agree to explore their divergence and find a solution together. This presupposes on all sides a desire to continue, change or finish the type of relationship that is connecting them – in the best possible manner. A mediator is thus an intermediary who helps the parties understand what happened and why, one another’s realities, the mutual and different needs that have been unfulfilled, and to look for the best way out of the distressing situation. The wish for a win-win outcome is essential.

EuroBogen mediators work in the context of civil society, business corporations, government administrations and other institutions. They will assist you in solving conflicts at work or other situation in life. They will also act as trainers or coaches, passing on those skills to future mediators. They will help set up Ombudsman services inside your organization.