The purpose of training is to upskill your staff, to raise their level of competences and the impact of their performance. Everyone benefits from continuous learning. It is particularly effective when a group of people are learning the same subject at the same time, practising their skills with each other and reflecting together.

Our trainings usually start with face-to-face seminars and move on to online phases of various lengths, depending on the topic. Most mid- and long-term talent development programs also end with a presence seminar. Likewise, coaching has face-to-face and online sessions.

Organizational capacity-building is conducted in NGOs and Governments to enhance their internal development and stability. It includes administrative and organizational processes such as the mechanisms of good governance. When we engage in community capacity building, we conduct programs that strengthen the skills and abilities of people in developing societies so that they may find proximate solutions to their environmental and social problems and even overcome the causes of their distress. A systemic approach is to conduct inter-related training that links the concerned populations to the stakeholders in the corporate, government and NGO common spheres of interests.